The beach, ball and little bayer


beachball bayer Summers great, everyone’s happy, life’s good, we all feel energized and the beach is calling out to us, when the suns out you gotta seize the day..My little boy loves trips, he loves the adventure, the sounds, the sights, it’s all new to him and I love trying to get as many pics of the wee dude as I can, but everyone knows kids don’t stay still, they’re constantly on the move and just as you’ve framed that killer shot they’ve run off in the opposite direction, it’s a game of chase and the kiddies are winning….So get into that menu, flick that camera onto continuous and snap away, catching every magical moment , every smile, every scream and laughter, capturing these amazing moments, freezing them in time and creating incredible memories.. At the end of the day your camera may be full of sand, splashed with water, covered in ice cream or worse but when you look back at what you snapped it’ll be worth it!!


More Gear please..


Lets be honest, do we really need that new piece of gear or just want it…It’s hard to walk by the camera shop window when we see all that new, shiny “stuff” winking at us or see our email inboxes fill up with Amazon recommendations just ready to be bought at a touch of a button. We’ve all done it though, bought some piece of crap that we thought we needed, used it once then lost it at the bottom of our camera bag only for it to resurface months later making you ponder what the hell it whether your using a DSLR, your phones camera or even a disposable just remember, its not always about the gear you have, its about you, it’s what you see and snap, it’s about passion and excitement and the thrill of capturing a moment in time….